At Yeled v’Yalda, we recognize the vital role that social-emotional development plays in a child’s education, and the substantial effects that it has upon their academic success. The establishment of effective social-emotional skills is a critical part of a child’s development, and supports them in learning to manage their own feelings and emotions, develop empathy and compassion for others, establish and maintain relationships, and build healthy self-esteem. Yeled v’Yalda’s Title IV programs and services focus on integrating social-emotional learning into the educational experience. Our goal is to enhance the social-emotional curriculum within school settings, and provide students with enriched opportunities for development and growth.


Yeled v’Yalda’s Title IV, Part A services are designed to establish a foundation upon which students can successfully build the social-emotional skills that will support their academic growth and foster their continued progress throughout life.  We believe that when students develop the skills that allow them to manage their feelings and recognize their emotions, as well as create and sustain healthy relationships, they are better able to learn in school and benefit from educational opportunities. 

At Yeled v’Yalda, we incorporate input from parents, teachers, and other professionals to create and adapt social-emotional learning opportunities, and support productive and emotionally-enriched school environments.  Our Title IV program focuses on establishing a social-emotional curriculum that will fit the individual needs of students and their families, and the particular requirements and concerns of schools within their communities.  At Yeled v’Yalda, our approach is holistic; we value each child as an individual on their own unique path toward growth and success, and as always, we place a strong focus upon family involvement and engagement.

Yeled v’Yalda’s programs and activities are carried out under Title IV, Part A, are community-based, and are directly coordinated with each school.  They are designed to ensure a safe and healthy school environment by offering benefits such as school-based mental health services and prevention activities, anti-bullying programs, and the reduced use of exclusionary discipline practices.


Our Title IV program encourages the values of social responsibility, promotes active participation in society, and helps build leadership abilities in the students it serves.

Yeled v’Yalda helps students establish effective goal-setting and problem-solving skills that enable them to deal with individual personal challenges.

Title IV programming provides students with opportunities to build supportive relationships with mentors to enhance their personal development and academic progress.

Yeled v’Yalda’s Title IV services teach students the skills they need to resolve interpersonal conflicts effectively and peacefully.

Our Title IV services help students develop empathy and compassion, and build the interpersonal skills which help eliminate bullying behaviors.

Yeled v’Yalda engages and empowers the families of Title IV students by assisting them in learning how to support their children’s academic, social, and emotional progress.

Title IV services help students develop skills in a variety of subject areas to enhance acquisition and comprehension of the lessons and materials taught in the classroom.

Yeled v’Yalda’s services help students become active and engaged learners by developing effective study habits and test-taking strategies.

Our Title IV services enhance students’ academic skills development through a variety of artistic and creative approaches such as dance, music, drama, and the visual arts.

Title IV programming enhances student learning through a range of cross-curricular projects and activities.

Yeled v’Yalda supports parents and families in their roles as the primary and ongoing teachers of their children.