Issues related to obesity and lack of physical fitness have shared center stage as national health concerns. Since 1980, obesity rates for adults have doubled and rates for children have tripled. All groups — irrespective of age, gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, educational background, or geographic location — are represented in this crisis. Obesity increases the risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers, hypertension, stroke, liver and gallbladder disease, respiratory problems, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, and gynecological problems.

Dealing with this critical health concern is an even greater challenge in our community, since food is an integral part of our religious celebrations. In addition, concerns about privacy and modesty oblige one to find a facility that maintains separate hours for men and women as well as appropriate staff and programming.

Yeled v’Yalda has always excelled in the recognition of communal needs, and the development of the appropriate solutions. Intricate planning, over an eight-year period, involving Yeled V’Yalda’ s property development team and multiple professionals in the design, fitness, and construction fields, has led to the realization of the highly anticipated, state-of-the-art community fitness and aquatic center.

The YVY Fitness Center features a five-lane lap pool, the finest in cardio and weight training equipment, steam room and sauna. Yeled V’Yalda is committed to keeping membership rates as low as possible, while at the same time, maintaining service, cleanliness and comfort at the highest level possible. Operations will be reviewed regularly to see if there is any way to reduce rates or to add or improve services. In order to achieve the maximum service and transparency, operational decisions and public suggestions will be regularly reviewed and considered by a committee. As with all Yeled v’Yalda programs and facilities, the Fitness Center is audited and certified annually.

The YVY Fitness Center services adults age 17 and over.

YVY looks forward to serving your fitness needs!

Fitness Center Features

  • Five-lane lap pool
  • State-of-the-art cardio equipment from Precor and Matrix
  • Complete selection of the finest weight machines
  • Free weights
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Private showers
  • Towel Rental
  • Professional, courteous staff
  • Comfortable heimishe atmosphere
  • Separate hours for men and women
  • Personal training
  • Group exercise classes
  • Aqua Fitness and Dance classes
  • American Red Cross swimming lessons
  • American Red Cross WSI classes
  • Massage


Sunday 8:00am - 2:00pm
Monday 11:00am - 2:30pm 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Tuesday 6:30am - 1:00pm
Wednesday 11:00am - 2:30pm 5:00pm - 11:30pm
Thursday 6:30am - 2:30pm
Friday 10:30am - 1:00pm
Sunday 5:15pm - 12:00am
Monday 6:30am - 10:00am
Tuesday 5:15pm - 12:00am
Wednesday 6:30am - 10:00am
Thursday 5:15pm - 12:00am
Friday 6:30am - 10:00am

Pool closes 30 minutes before the shift ends. All patrons must exit the YvY Fitness Center by closing time.

Membership Forms and Policies

The following forms can be printed and brought in to the Fitness Center