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The YvY WIC program is a nutritional program for expecting, nursing, and postpartum women, infants and children to age 5. This program, funded by the New York State Department of Health provides nutrition education, lactation counseling, checks for nutritious foods, and referrals to social service and health care agencies . Licensed nutritionists, lactation specialists, and peer counselors provide participants with information on healthy eating, nursing assistance and support. An extensive multilingual nutrition resource library supplies participants with informational materials on a wide range of nutrition and health related topics. Facilitated discussion nutrition classes, one-on-one counseling sessions, and healthy lifestyle initiatives are a regular part of the program.

Yeled v'Yalda WIC has been serving the New York City WIC population since April 2004. Originally allocated a caseload of 2,500, Yeled v 'Yalda WIC currently services over 10,000 participants monthly through two separate Brooklyn sites: Boro Park WIC at 1312-38th Street; Brooklyn New York I 1218, and Farragut Road \'VIC at 6002 Farragut Road; Brooklyn New York 11236.

The collaboration with the other divisions of Yeled v'Yalda Head Start, Early Head Start Expectant Mom's Program allows WIC participants to benefit from all inclusive services in one convenient and accessible location, ultimately contributing to a healthier community.

Downloads & Links
WIC Participant Rights and Responsibilities
Signature Authorization Form (English)
Signature Authorization Form (Spanish)
Acceptable Documentation Table
Medical Documentation DOH Formula Form
WIC Medical Referral Form for Women
WIC Medical Referral Form for Infants and Children
About Whole Grains
Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables (English)
Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables (Bengali)
Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables (Spanish)
Breastfeeding Basics
Breastfeeding (Nursing) Basics (Bengali)
Breastfeeding (Nursing) Basics (Spanish)
Eat Well Play Hard Brochure
WIC Facts
Fill Up on Fiber!
Fit WIC Brochure (English)
Fit WIC Brochure (Bengali)
Fit WIC Brochure (Spanish)
Healthy Start Brochure
Hours of Operations
Pregnancy and Oral Health
Soy Handout
Vital Vitamins
Vital Vitamins (Bengali)
Vital Vitamins (Spanish)
Community Resource Manual
WIC Feeding Therapy Resource Manual
WIC Nutrition Resource Manual
WIC Nutrition Kids Resource Manual
Farmers' Market Redemption Campaign
Healthy Start Program
Healthy Start Kids (English)
Healthy Start Kids (Bengali)
Healthy Start Kids (Spanish)
Healthy Start Kids Fit WIC Program (English)
Healthy Start Kids Fit WIC Program (Bengali)
Healthy Start Kids Fit WIC Program (Spanish)
Shop Smart Program
Healthy Start Planner Inserts
Healthy Start Families
Food Storage Guidelines