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Learning Center


The Yeled v’ Yalda Learning Center

Yeled v’ Yalda has created a unique facility where programs and services can be delivered at a single integrated site.


Yeled v’ Yalda has a variety of educational programs and social services focused on serving the needs of children and the family.  These programs and services are delivered recognizing that we have to serve all facets of a child and a family, not just a single aspect of children’s needs. In order to better deliver these programs & services, Yeled v’ Yalda created a unique facility that encompasses:

·        Expectant Moms Program

·        Early Head Start

·        Head Start

·        Universal Pre-Kindergarten

·        Special Education Related Services

·        Applied Behavior Analysis Program

·        Early Intervention Program

·        Speech Therapy

·        Physical Therapy

·        Pediatric OT


Children and families at the site can avail themselves of any of the above, dependent on need.  The Learning Center is located at 1257 38th Street.  For more information, please call Avrohom Lichtenstein, Director of Operations, 718 514 8640.