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ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis Program)
Yeled V’Yalda’s Applied Behavior Analysis program (ABA) offers Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) to children whose diagnoses are consistent with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We offer a language-based curriculum for preschool children. Each curriculum is created by designing an individualized comprehensive network of programs to teach skills in the areas of cognition, language, communication, self help and social development. Skills are taught in a developmental hierarchy to ensure that all skills in a single development level are met. Children also receive services in our social skill training program.

Our instructional technology is derived from principles of behavior analysis, which is the only approach empirically proven effective for children with ASD. This approach affords children the opportunity to acquire complex functional skills while simultaneously working to address children’s developmental delays.

Parent involvement is paramount to a child’s success. We place heavy emphasis on parental participation and collaboration, asking parents to work directly with their children, work collaboratively with staff, observe their child during 1:1 sessions and avail themselves to meet with team members. We provide explicit parent training that includes modeling, feedback and explanation of the intervention process. The intense dedication of our therapists and strong collaboration between parents and staff are pivotal factors in our program’s success.