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Yeled V’Yalda (“YVY”) is a 501(c)(3) organization that has been the New York City community with early childhood education programs and other related services for more than twenty years. YVY has grown to become a multi-faceted, award winning agency with a staff of over professionals and a budget in excess of 35 million dollars. As a dynamic not-for-profit social service agency, Yeled V’Yalda’s mission is to provide boys and girls from low-income families with a professional preschool education by focusing on the whole child and the family to prepare those children to enter kindergarten with proper language skills, pre-reading and pre-mathematics knowledge. The agency seeks to be a single source of education, child care and developmental services, as well as health and nutritional guidance, in an environment that is culturally sensitive and honors each family’s distinctive heritage.

The core of Yeled V’Yalda’s Early Childhood Center is a Head Start and Early Head Start curriculum, staffed by education, social service, and health professionals. YVY empowers families, informing them of services available to their children through placement in a comprehensive Head Start program.

Yeled V’Yalda strongly believes that parents are essential partners in the education of their children. Consequently, when a child is enrolled in Head Start, parents begin a collaborative partnership with the agency and enter into a “Family Partnership Agreement” (FPA). This family partnership identifies strengths and needs and provides opportunities for families to set goals and design an individualized approach for achieving those goals with assistance from Head Start and social service staff.

YVY has a professional and highly dedicated staff. Yeled V’Yalda licensed teachers, therapists, doctors and staff, in addition to their professional qualifications, bring heart to early childhood learning. Most importantly, they bring a devotion to their work and a willingness to go the extra mile to achieve the desired results.
Overall decisions at YVY rests with the Board of directors & Parent Policy Counsel largely recruited from neighboring communities in Brooklyn and Staten Island. All of YVY’s management staff bring not only the necessary education credentials and experience that qualifies them for their responsibilities but also the highest commitment to serving YVY children and their families.

Yeled V’Yalda regularly receives a series of reviews from federal, state and city agencies as well as conducting its own internal assessments. Almost without exception, these reviews are extremely favorable to the agency and generally reflect the overall excellence of YVY’s programs. For example, in its most recent review of June 10, 2004, the federal agency responsible for the Head Start program, the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), declares that YVY had “broken cultural barriers, accessed non-traditional community partners and rallied support within their own diverse communities” to garner an “unusual level of community involvement” and an “exceptional level of community support and financial resources, at a time when most non-profits were either providing the same or a decreased level of services.”