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Family Centered

YVY is a family centered driven program and reaches out to low income families that would otherwise not enroll children in licensed professional early childhood education programs. Many families are immigrants from non English speaking homes and cant find the center that will emphasize on their childs language deficiency. Some parents are people from faith based communities where state education programs are not sensitive and not responsive to their culturally background and needs. YVY programs are designed to give teachers the knowledge and skills to provide instruction and appropriate language and support service to these children.

Community Based

YVY works closely with community based organizations (CBO). Expansion and policies are driven by the research done for its community needs assessment. Policy makers such as the governing board and policy council are from a broad pool of community activist from the communities that YVY serves. Many of these CBOs operate large private elementary and high school schools for their communities and are involved in every aspect of health and services to their constituents in each community.

Because YVY has proven to be sensitive to each cultural need and traditions, these communities have entrusted the professional staff of YVY to educate their young children and have opened their homes to receive professional services for their families. In return these community organizations are excepting many transfers of our graduates into their private school system. They are also filling in for services that YVY does not provide. For example marriage counseling, meals on wheels, etc.

The beauty of serving a multi cultural population in many different communities is, the experience that each one sees when they get together that no different what the cultural differences are in each community they all have the same goal that is to make a better world tomorrow for our young generations to come.

Faith Based Initiatives

YVY believes that respecting others cultural sensitivity is the base for establishing partners to work as a team in helping children and families. Many of these CBOs are faith based organizations serving their communities with all different kind of social services in a delicate manor to fit their faith and tradition. They raise private funds to do these services and by partnering with them with educating their children, our families get the benefit of their other services where YVY does not provide those services. In some cases YVY families overall benefit from these faith based organizations private resources to enhance the quality and variety of services at YVY.

School partnerships

YVY collaborates and coordinates activities with local school systems in the communities where these children will transfer after completing the head start program. The partnership is with local public schools or private schools if children served will be enrolling in these schools.

Promoting Higher Education in FBC

In many faith based communities where licensed early childhood education was non existing, higher education was not a recognized employment requirement and people were not pursuing professional higher education. The partnerships with communities for Early Childhood Development for their children has promoted a large group of parents and adult siblings to acquire degrees in higher education so they can become licensed providers in early childhood.